2003–2007 Baccalaureat degree (Mathematics- Informatics Class)

“Mihai Eminescu” National College, Iasi (Romania)

2007–2013 Graduate General Medicine

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa”, Iasi (Romania)

01/01/2014–31/12/2014 Dermatology resident physician

Department of Dermatovenerology, Emergency Clinical County Hospital ” Sfantul Spiridon” Iasi,


Consulting patients, prescribing treatments, performin surgical procedures, completing paperwork

01/01/2015–31/12/2017 Dermatology resident physician

Department of Dermatovenerology, Elias Emergency University Hospital, Bucuresti, Romania

06/04/2014 Aesthetic Dermatology Course

“Primavara dermatologica ieseana”, Dermatology Conference, Iasi (Romania)

07/04/2014 Pediatric Dermatology Course

“Primavara dermatologica ieseana” Dermatology Conference, Iasi (Romania)

11/05/2014–12/05/2014 Cutaneous Ultrasonography

“Zilele Gheorghe Nastase”, Dermatology Conference, Iasi (Romania)

27/04/2015–28/04/2015 Dermatoscopy Course

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu”, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

08/05/2015–10/05/2015 Certificate of Participation “International Congress of Medicine AntiAging”

Institutul National de Statistica, Bucuresti (Romania)

30/05/2015–01/06/2015 International Course Electroporation for Medicine: Basic

Knowledge, Applications and Technologies

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucuresti (Romania)

05/07/2015 Trainee Course Phlebology (Theoretical and practical knowledge in

basic phlebology with emphasis on surgical procedures,

sclerotherapy and laser therapy)

Bucuresti (Romania)

14/10/2015–16/10/2015 11th Edition of The Scientific Days of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases „Prof. Dr. Matei Bals”

National Congress with international attendance

Bucuresti (Romania)

14/10/2015 “Antibiotics versus Interdisciplinary/Approach in Infectious Pathology”

Bucuresti (Romania)

21/10/2015 “Hyaluronic Acid Injections and microneedling treatments”, 14th

National Congress of Dermatology with international attendance

Bucuresti (Romania)

02/11/2015–04/11/2015 Dermatologic Surgery Beginner Course- Hands on

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haetieganu”, Cluj Napoca (Romania)

12/03/2016 “Hyaluronic Acid Fillers in Facial Rejuvenation”/ “Vascular LaserIndications and Results”

Bucuresti (Romania)

19/03/2016–20/03/2016 Excellence in Facial Aesthetic Practice, Bucuresti (Romania)

04/04/2016–06/04/2016 “EADV Fostering Resident Course -Intermediate/Advanced Surgery”

Brussels (Belgium)

06/05/2016–08/05/2016 “International Congress of Medicine Anti-Aging”, Bucuresti (Romania)

09/05/2016–11/05/2016 Certificate of Graduation Update in Dermatologic Therapy, Iasi (Romania)

15/05/2016–15/05/2016 Certificate of Graduation Practical Notions in Dermo-cosmetics, Iasi (Romania)

19/05/2016–22/05/2016 13th EADV Spring Symposium, Athens (Greece)

25/08/2016–27/08/2016, “Systemic Treatment in Dermatology”

Toulouse (France)

14/10/2016–15/10/2016 “Bridging Dermatology and Rheumatology”, Jesi (Italy)

24/05/2017–27/05/2017 14th Spring Symposium, Bruxelles (Belgium)

27/11/2016 Hands-on BASIC workshop for aesthetic treatments with Hyaluronic Acid, Bucharest (Romania)

09/12/2016 Individual BASIC course for aesthetic treatments with Platelet rich plasma, Bucharest (Romania)

14/12/2016 Individual BASIC course for aesthetic treatments with Botulinum toxin, Bucharest (Romania)

11/03/2017 Anatomical bases for injection of hyaluronic acid at the face, Bucharest (Romania)

23/03/2017 New and advanced techniques on facial rejuvenation with HYABELL, Bucharest (Romania)

04/05/2017 Combined dermatotherapeutic techniques, Bucharest (Romania)

04/05/2017 Workshop – Face Lifting with Bioresorbable Threads, Bucharest (Romania)

05/05/2017–07/05/2017 “International Congress of Medicine Anti-Aging”, Bucharest (Romania)

25/05/2017–28/05/2017 14th Spring Symposium of the EADV, Brussels (Belgium)

18/06/2017 Certificate: Official Qualified User of Aquafiling Hydrophilic Gel

11/11/2017 Technical and practical training preparing to work with the technology of Plasma IQ

11-13/5/2018 “International Congress of Medicine Anti-Aging”, Bucuresti (Romania)

9-10/3/2018 Certification EXPERT DAY (facial lifting, laser), Bucharest

26-28/4/2018 Certification of Attendance ZGN, Iasi

13/05/2018 New methods of actions on tissue restructuring Proderma

16/06/2018 Certificate of Attendance LG YVOIRE

23/06/2018 Training session of absorbable threads Princess Lift

6/07/2018 Certification of Appreciation

PDO Threads Expert Meeting, Benidorm, Spain

06/07/2018 Certification of Appreciation

PDO Threads HANDS ON Training , Benidorm, Spain

7/07/2018 Certification of Appreciation


20/07/2018 Certificate of APTOS thread lifting methods

23-30/09/2018 Certificate LOS DELINE International Training Course

19/10/2018 Anti Anging Medicine, Corrective Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Conference, Poiana Brasov, Romania

21/11/2018 Certificate Modern Peeling Techniques for Treating Acne

31.01-02.02/2019The IMCAS Annual World Congress 2019 Scientific Committee, Paris, France

31/01/2019 IMCAS World Congress 2019 YVOIRE Symposium, Paris, France

4-5-6/4/2019 AMWC Aesthetic&Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monaco, France

10-12/5/2019 The XIth Corrective Dermatology and Aesthetic Congress

29/05/2019 Morfology and Anti-Aging , Iasi

28-31/5/2019 Zilele Gh. Nastase, Iasi

31/5/2019 Personalising Treatments with NASHA Technology

Personalising Treatments with OBT technology

Injection Anatomy

Managing Complications

25-28/9/2019 National Congress of Dermatology, Sinaia

18-20/10/2019 Conference of Corrective Dermatology, Timisoara

30.01-1.02/2020 The IMCAS Annual World Congress 2020, Paris, France

7/3/2020 Fillderma Fillers training course

17/3/2020 APTOS thread lift for men